Pavilion Rental

The pavilion at Western Reserve Park is the perfect place for your family gatherings, work parties or other functions. This magnificent gathering place has plenty of large picnic tables, a smaller charcoal grill, or larger propane grill. When renting the pavilion you are responsible to provide the charcoal, propane, cooking utensils, food and/or anything else you need to make your gathering a success.
It is our intention for the pavilion guest to have an enjoyable experience while visiting Western Reserve Park. It is extremely important for our guests to understand our policies. These policies are designed to keep everyone safe while visiting the park. The renter is responsible to inform their guests of the park’s policies.

  • You and your guests have access to all the wonderful features and activities the park offers on the day of your rental.
    All guests MUST follow the rules of the campgrounds.
  • Pavilion area MUST be cleaned before departure or a fine will occur. This includes the removal of decorations, garbage, and food from the area you rented. Please properly dispose cigarette butts, not in the volleyball court sand.
  • All garbage MUST be placed in the dumpster. No placing of hot coals in dumpster.
  • All children under the age of twelve must be supervised by an adult at all times.
    Excessive noise, offensive noise or language is prohibited.
  • Responsibility for damage to or maintenance of facility beyond normal usual wear will be assumed by the individual reserving the pavilion.
  • The individual, group, or organization will abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Western Reserve Park, both written and verbal, and will not hold the park liable for any injury sustained while using the facility.